AT LAST! An easy to follow, step by step instruction manual that tells HOW TO kick the HABIT of DAILY NASAL SPRAY USE without the horrible side effects of being UNABLE TO BREATHE.

Are you one of the MILLIONS of people worldwide that have an ADDICTION TO NASAL SPRAY? If so, you've certainly come to the right place. Our proven method of breaking NASAL SPRAY DEPENDENCY is quick, inexpensive, and EASY to understand and follow. Once put to use you will be FREE from your dependency in as little as 3 weeks, and without having to suffer with a STUFFED UP NOSE or sleepless nights!

First, some GOOD NEWS...

Did you know that you are NOT actually "addicted" to nasal spray at all? What you're REALLY ADDICTED to is BREATHING, and that's a good thing! The ingredients that are used in nasal sprays are not physically addictive in any way, but misuse of these chemicals, (by using them longer than directed to), actually CAUSES CONGESTION, and you will soon find that you are unable to breathe without using the product. This leads to addiction-like symptoms, and a nasal spray bottle in your NOSE several times DAILY. The more you use the products, the more congestion you will experience. Thankfully, when quitting NASAL SPRAY DECONGESTANTS, there is no physical WITHDRAWAL or physiological CRAVINGS experienced.

And now, the BAD NEWS...

Over use of nasal spray decongestants certainly has some SIDE EFFECTS. It often leads to scarring of the inside lining of the nose, which can result in irritation, dryness, and bleeding. Severe erosion of the lining cases have been reported where SEPTAL PERFORATION occurs. These are holes that can develop in the wall of the NOSE that separates one NOSTRIL from the other. Nasal surgery is required to repair this. Depending on the ingredient(s) your NASAL SPRAY BRAND has in it, you may also suffer from other side effects, such as blurred vision - fast, irregular, or pounding heartbeat - headache - dizziness, drowsiness, or lightheadedness - high blood pressure - nervousness - trembling - trouble in sleeping - weakness - swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat - difficulty breathing - severe anxiety - easy bruising or bleeding, and a host of other side effects too numerous to list here. The fact is, the SOONER you stop using your Decongestant Nasal Spray, the BETTER!

In our opinion decongestant nasal sprays should be illegal, or at the very least, only available by prescription. It is far too easy to fall prey to them and become part of the growing numbers of "NOSE SPRAY ADDICTS" that bring in billions of dollars each year to the pharmaceutical companies that produce them. That's why we've developed our easy to use and follow INSTRUCTIONS to BREAK FREE from nasal sprays forever! Follow each step closely and be free from your dependency in as little as 3 weeks, and all without having to suffer with a STUFFED UP NOSE.

Best of all, these instructions are inexpensive too. Only $9.95 for a digital copy, or $11.95 for a physical copy, (prices INCLUDE any applicable taxes AND shipping and handling). Our goal isn't to get rich, it's to get you off of decongestant sprays. Our proven method works with ALL types of "addictive" sprays, so no matter what active ingredient your brand uses, (Oxymetazoline, Phenylephrine, Xylometazoline, etc), you'll be able to kick the HABIT for good!

Stop paying the greedy pharmaceutical companies hundreds of dollars each year, and save yourself from potentially HARMFUL SIDE EFFECTS.

• Easy to follow INSTRUCTIONS
• Quickly gets you off NASAL DECONGESTANT SPRAYS
• INEXPENSIVE and saves hundreds of dollars when completed
• Works with all BRANDS of over the counter decongestant sprays

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